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    Think of caffeine anhydrous as a very concentrated dosage of caffeine that requires less amount to get the job done. Caffeine is derived from coffee beans, tea, and cacao plants. Once extracted, all water is dried out through laboratory procedures. Caffeine anhydrous is becoming such a hit in fitness because of its ability to improve athletic performance that regular brewed caffeine, but at a much smaller dose. However, it is not recommended to take more that 400 mg of caffeine per day because an overdose can be fatal.


    Caffeine anhydrous has the ability of blocking neurotransmitter because of its physical similarities to adenosine. Adenosine slows the body down when attached, therefore, when caffeine attaches instead, the "slow down" signals are not transmitted and replaced by "speed up" signals instead. These signals, cause mental focus, athletic performance improvement, and even muscular strength.


    More potent than brewed caffeine (same effects at lower dosage)

    Portable, comes in the form of pills, gel, and/or gum rather than a messy drink 

    Athletic performance improvement 

    Helps with weight loss


    Toxic and even deadly if taken in excess; easy to overdose because of concentration 

    Consumer cannot avoid side effects experienced with caffeine, including: erratic heartbeat, worsening of anxiety and insomnia, frequent urination and possible dehydration

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