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The Lift Box and Warfighter Athletic are similar in many regards.

Both are military-owned and -operated, and their founders have used the things they heard and learned in the field to create something that far exceeds their product descriptions.

A passionate, hands-on approach to each means attention to detail, an ear to the ground and top-notch customer service, but those aren’t the things that set these companies apart.

The Lift Box and Warfighter Athletic both are more than just SKU numbers. Their products are just the enticing foundation for a special community or culture that’s there to bring people together and motivate them to get better.

The premise of The Lift Box is pretty simple – you receive a box filled with a variety of supplements, snacks, drinks, accessories, apparel and other fitness-related items, and you ordered it because you wanted a chance to try things before you commit to buying the full-size version.

What’s the most logical way to test those items? Work them into your routine and see how they stand up to your tastes, activities or previous products. Even if your motivation had been lacking, receiving a new box each month may be the perfect reboot, so you can get back to reaching your goals.

Again, though, The Lift Box experience doesn’t end there.

There’s an entire online community, including founder and CEO Adam Lien, waiting to discuss those products, ask and answer questions, share tips, talk about workouts or just celebrate life and triumphs. The Box Crew very well may be the best thing that comes with your subscription.

That team mentality comes from The Lift Box’s military background, and the same could be said about Warfighter Athletic, where they’ve worked to provide a unique culture that motivates you to be better in all aspects of life, whether it be in combat, on the athletic field or simply in your day-to-day activities.

The warrior culture at Warfighter Athletic is about balance. It’s about fighting for improvement. It’s about being prepared.

There’s no doubt that’s some deep stuff. But, at the end of the day, Warfighter Athletic is about quality products with a purpose, designed to stand up to the toughest physical tests – training, combat or exercise – and Lift Box subscribers got to experience that first-hand in March 2021 with a shirt directly from Warfighter Athletic’s 10-item Lifestyle Collection.

The collaboration allows The Lift Box to continue its tradition of supporting other military-related companies and organizations, while subscribers are treated to a great T-shirt and a look into the warrior culture.

From a product standpoint, Warfighter offers a diverse catalog of apparel that will keep you comfortable regardless of the weather, terrain or activity and help you perform in the field or in the gym.

The products also are divided into a well-organized series of collections, so there’s no question about what’s what or if they’ve got what you need. In addition to the Lifestyle Collection, there’s also the Direct Action Collection and Warrior Athlete Collection. The Warrior Athlete menu even includes some items designed specifically for women.

As mentioned earlier, Warfighter Athletic, started in 2018, is more than just clothing.

The culture and mindset also include a strong emphasis on the actual training and raising the fitness levels and standards for everyone, not just the members of the military. Being comfortable, of course, certainly makes the hard work a little bit easier.
is a one-stop shop for all your Warfighter apparel needs, but the site also features a series of training programs, ranging from 6-14 weeks and varying in design and difficulty.

Expect the programs to challenge you mentally and physically and prepare you for any kind of tests that may lie ahead, whether it’s the ones inside you, or actual tests, such as those required for entrance into the military, law enforcement, firefighting, etc.

No matter what your goals are, the well-balanced training options will push all of your mental and physical limitations and get you military-ready, even if you’re just looking to be a better you. And, you’ll look awesome doing it in your Warfighter clothing.

If you’re a Lift Box subscriber and liked the Warfighter Athletic shirt, now you know where to find more.

And remember, in next month’s edition of The Lift Box, there will be more great things to try and another awesome shirt – guaranteed.

Everything that appears in the monthly box has been tested and vetted by the Lift Box staff for taste, quality, comfort and durability.

A monthly subscription to The Lift Box is $39.95. Each box includes a shirt and a variety of items to help make every workout a personal best.