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We all have that one (or more, if we’re lucky) family recipe that makes every visit home immediately worthwhile.

We love it. We crave it. We even try to replicate it, if anyone is willing to share the recipe, but it rarely can be duplicated.

Sometimes, it really is that good. Other times, it’s the nostalgia that holds our taste buds captive, allowing one smell or one bite to take us back in time or hug us from the inside.

For Daniel Berg, the founder and CEO of Berg Bites, one of his family’s creations also was a success with guests and friends, and he was able to turn that momentum into a delicious family business.

The healthy bites he used to enjoy at home now are available on websites and at stores everywhere. More importantly, they recently were featured in the March 2021 edition of The Lift Box.

The small balls of rolled up oats, mixed with other ingredients based on the flavor, are heart-healthy and filled with essential fatty acids from nuts, chia seeds and coconut oil and include prebiotic fibers.

The energizing bites also are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, without GMOs and made with plant protein.

What does all of that mean? It means they’re portable, delicious, vegan, incredibly good for you and will satisfy your hunger or cravings for something sweet. And, the ingredients are clean and balanced, so there’s no guilt.

By going right to the source,, hungry Lift Box subscribers (and anyone else) can order any (or all) of the delicious flavors of Berg Bites – Almond Butter and Jelly, Dark Chocolate Banana Bread, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Sunflower Butter White Chocolate – in boxes of eight packs for about $20.

Each pack includes one serving of five tasty bites with 180-190 calories, 7g of fat, 24g of total carbohydrates, 6g of plant protein and 4g of fiber.

Quick success since bursting onto the health-food scene in 2016 has helped the Berg Bites brand continue to grow, and Lift Box subscribers in March were treated to a second delicious offering from the company – The Mighty Bite – an amazing high-protein cookie.

The product is a collaboration between Berg Bites and MightyMeals, a Virginia-based company that provides a convenient, healthy meal delivery service made with locally sourced ingredients.

At 3 ounces, the low-sugar, big-flavor Mighty Bite is dense and filling and every bit as tasty and nutritious as the Berg Bites.

The Mighty Bite features similar quality ingredients and is packed with 16g of plant protein and 10g of fiber. It’s preservative-free, gluten-free and vegan, with 310-320 calories, 17-18g of fat and 12g of net carbs per cookie.

Two flavors – Almond Butter Banana Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate – are available at for less than $4 each or in boxes of six for under $20.

If you’re not sold on Berg Bites by now, especially after the two incredible samples in the March box, there’s one more item to try, and it’s also available on or a variety of stores nationwide.

It’s the Berg Bars – chewy and a little crunchy – and they kind of fit nicely between the Berg Bites and the Mighty Bite cookie, almost like Berg is helping you build the perfect snack arsenal.

Once again, vegan, gluten-free and densely packed nutrition with all the things you need to keep your day going, each with approximately 300 calories, 14g of plant protein and 6g of fiber.

Get the Berg Bars in Almond Butter and Jelly, Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Sunflower Butter White Chocolate. They come in boxes of eight, or a variety pack with two of each flavor, for less than $25.

When you see the Berg products on store shelves, at coffee shops, online or in the hands of your favorite athletes, remember that Lift Box subscribers knew how good they were first!

As you enjoy your next Berg Bites or Mighty Bite, remember your own favorite family treats. Maybe even give mom or grandma or your favorite uncle a call and see if they’ll whip something up while you’re on your way over.

Who knows, it could be YOUR family’s favorite food in a future edition of The Lift Box!

Along with delicious snacks, The Lift Box also has allowed subscribers the chance to try many supplements, drinks, accessories and apparel, before committing to the cost of full-size products.

Everything that appears in the monthly box has been tested and vetted by the Lift Box staff for taste, quality, comfort and durability.

A monthly subscription to The Lift Box is $39.95. Each box includes a shirt and a variety of items to help make every workout a personal best.