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Fruity rubbles are yabba dabba delicious

We recently set the stage for a great Lift Box debate about what's better when it comes to snacks - savory or sweet.

We kicked off our two-part SnackHouse Puffs review series with a look under the wrapper of the delicious Cheeseburger Puffs, and we're now snacking like a proper Stone Age family with SnackHouse's Fruity Rubbles Keto Cereal.

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Below, is a regular guy's thoughts about the Fruity Rubbles, which gave the more traditional Chocolate Puffs a run for their money. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels to see if there's a clear winner - sweet or savory?!

As introduced in the Cheeseburger Puffs review, the rating process is simple:

I like to be healthy and responsible, but it needs to be a responsible choice for my wallet, too. Then, does the first whiff match the description? Is it crunchy and satisfying, and does it make me want to grab another handful? Does the taste make me smile and want more? Is it easy to get online or at my local store, or is it hard?

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fruity rubbles

The Lift Box Basics (measured on a scale of 1-10 Lift Boxes):

Cost: $14.99 (for a seven-serving bag)/$21.99 for eight-pack box

Value: 7.5/10 Lift Boxes and 5.7/10 Lift Boxes

Smell: 9.2/10 Lift Boxes

Crunchability: 10/10 Lift Boxes

Taste:9.5/10 Lift Boxes

Availability:7/10 Lift Boxes

Would I buy again:10/10 Lift Boxes

Where to buy: HERE (might want to check Amazon, too, as they are so good, they're harder to find).

The Heavy Lifting (full review):

Immediately, it's 1980-something again, and I'm ready to slide straight to the TV in my footie pajamas to settle in for some Saturday-morning cartoons.

From the first fruity puff, I was transported to a time when Fruity Pebbles were a panty staple and perfectly acceptable as "part of a balanced breakfast."

Let's be honest - my breakfast experience never was like the ones in the commercial, and I was OK with that. Not having a stack of toast, a pitcher of orange juice and an extra glass of milk was fine with me. That meant more room for my favorite sugary cereals and the amazing milk transformation that took place at the bottom of the bowl.

I also don't remember eating breakfast AT the table any time before my college graduation.

Anyway, as an adult, most of the things that really taste good, especially the things we enjoyed as children with carefree metabolisms, aren't good for us and our nutritional well-being.

Once again, SnackHouse Foods found a responsible way around that with another healthy alternative to something so fun and nostalgic.

Fred and Barney may not be on the pouch, but if you close your eyes and hold the bag up to your ear, I swear you'll be able to hear little Bamm Bamm giggling.

If you need me Saturday morning, I'll be in front of the TV in my man-jammies, Fruity Rubbles in hand (with almond milk, of course), waiting for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to come on.

However, I STILL don't know if I'm Team Sweet or Team Savory. This made it very tough to choose. SnackHouse Puffs are just that good.

For a complete list of ingredients, or to purchase other flavors of SnackHouse Puffs, visit

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“Loved them both (Cheeseburger and Fruity Rubbles). Very satisfying crunch factor and flavors.”
- Sharon C.

"I loved them! I've ordered about 10 bags since I had them a few boxes ago (Wildberry Cheesecake is a personal fav). They really help my snacking in the evening between the gym and bed, lol." 

- Heather A.