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Devotion Nutrition Just Launched The Best Thing Since Starbucks!

Devotion Nutrition introduces Mocha Java Chip protein 

Two of the biggest factors in the derailing of a nutrition or workout program are boredom and temptation. 

“Healthy” food has a reputation for being bland and uninspired. Protein shakes can be chalky or gritty. Nutrition bars can be chewy and unsatisfying.  

No matter how dedicated you may be to your resolutions, there are only so many ways you can responsibly dress up your oatmeal or chicken and broccoli, before you’ve got a Frappuccino moustache and pizza grease running down your arm. 

We’ve seen the delicious fast food options through the window above the magazine rack on the treadmill. We’ve watched the entertaining Doritos commercials rolling from one TV to the next above the row of elliptical machines. 

The folks at Devotion Nutrition probably have been in your gym shoes, too, but they’ve found a way to bring both worlds together in the most colorful and flavorful ways. 

The latest offering from Devotion is a limited-edition protein flavor – Mocha Java Chip. It’s a low-carb, low-fat protein option versatile enough for almost any food hack or recipe you found on Pinterest last weekend. 

A quick scroll through the Devotion Nutrition website reveals a handful of suggestions for coffee and chocolate lovers to turn basic meals, or their favorite beverages, into healthy, protein-packed (20g per serving) treats that would even make Fred the Baker (the “time to make the donuts” guy) jealous. 

Beyond just the new Mocha Java Chip protein, Devotion Nutrition has been able to wow our eyes and taste buds at the same time, luring us in with an energetic and colorful website and offering flavors that are outrageous, familiar, enticing and healthy at the same time. 

Devotion offers a half dozen unique protein flavors to keep your imagination going and your goals and gains on track for less than $1.75 per serving, but subscribers to The Lift Box might be more familiar with the company’s zero-calorie, sugar-free, gluten-free Flex Flavors. 

The October 2020 edition of The Lift Box included a sample pack of Flex Flavors, which can be used to transform your breakfast or drink into a tasty, or even nostalgic, experience. 

Any of the 19 Stevia-sweetened flavors – from Cinnamon Crunch Cereal to Gummy Fish to Boston Cream Donut to Birthday Cake – can be added to oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, shakes, coffee and more, for a delicious new dimension at approximately 54 cents per serving.  

During our new reality in this COVID-19 world, when we’re all spending more time at home and have the opportunity to start off the new year with responsible decisions in the kitchen, it’s time to click out of Uber Eats and onto, which is loaded with amazing products and simple recipes to help keep you on your nutrition journey. 

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