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Check out some of The Box Crew's favorite

In the coming months, we’re going to be asking our Lift Box subscribers to tell us about the things they can’t live without when they head to the gym.

We’ll separate their answers into five basic categories – pre-workout, snack, protein, gym accessory and attire.

We know many of the responses may be items they first got to try in The Lift Box, which is the whole idea behind the box – you get to take a variety of products for a test drive before committing to a full-size version.

Some responses will give us great ideas for future boxes, so all subscribers then can enjoy the must-haves for themselves. 

And, it’s all just an extension of the amazing Box Crew, a special FB community just for subscribers! If you’re not a member, what are you waiting for?!

From the responses we receive from Crew members, we’re going to select five subscribers for each category and ask them to tell us why those items have become favorites or essentials.

Logically, we’re kicking things off with the preferred pre-workouts because that’s what sets the tone for the whole workout.

Many gymgoers are in it for the tingles. Others base their choices on the amount of caffeine. Some products promise a burst of energy, while others are about the long game and sustained performance. Sometimes, it’s all for that laser focus.

Check out five top-notch pre-workouts suggested by our trusted Lift Box subscribers, and see more about why they chose them:

Barbra Cave
Louisville, Ky.
Months as a Lift Box Subscriber: 6
What do you love about The Lift Box: I love the thoughtfulness and consideration that goes into each box – how they are balanced between pre-/post-workout supplements and snacks – and a fashionable shirt. I also love the guidance and support seen in the Facebook community. 
Favorite type of product: Accessories – chalk, wraps, shaker bottle, massager – stuff I wouldn't realize I wanted/needed until I had it to try.
Best thing you’ve ever gotten in The Lift Box: RED shirt. I love supporting active-duty service members and veterans.
What have you bought because you were able to try it in The Lift Box: I purchased wrist wraps for my 19 y/o stepson after recognizing how helpful they are in promoting grip strength with heavier weights (the kid deadlifts 700 pounds). I believe he liked having them as much as I do! I am fairly certain my hubby bought a case of C4 (and hid it from the kids and me!) after trying one of the cans. 
Pre-workout of Choice: Ghost Legend
Featured in The Lift Box: Not yet
Preferred Flavor: Welch’s Grape

The Verdict: Ghost Legend adds a consistent punch to my workouts without over-producing jitters and tingling or wearing off before my workout is complete. Their flavor variety helps me avoid taste fatigue (I’m currently into Welch’s Grape, but I am also a fan of Sour Watermelon Warhead).

I like that it does not require a large volume of water for mixing. I've found products requiring 12 ounces (per package instructions, or to bring it to palatability) tend to make me feel full. Ghost Legend can be mixed in as little as 6 ounces without compromising taste or leaving undissolved debris. I mix up my Ghost Legend and drink it about 10 minutes before heading out to the gym. By the time I’m hitting my first set, I'm ready to go!

To learn more or purchase, click here.

Anna Clark 
Davenport, Iowa

Age: 33 
Months as a Lift Box Subscriber: 11 or 12

What do you love about The Lift Box: Where do I start?? I love the variety of samples it offers. There are things I never would have known about if it wasn’t for the Lift Box. I had just gotten into a lifestyle change, so it really inspired me to work toward different goals. The supps and snacks and anything in between helped! I also love the T-shirt or tank!

When I found out about the Facebook group, I was super excited to have a like-minded group to bounce off ideas with. So, overall, the products and the people. :)
Favorite type of product: Pre-workout and snacks 
Best thing you’ve ever gotten in The Lift Box: My Combat Flag! But, as far as things offered, probably the reflective-ink tank for Breast Cancer Awareness. I also love the wrist straps, and of course, the pre-workouts.
What have you bought because you were able to try it in The Lift Box: Blue Raspberry Animal Fury pre-workout, REDCON1 MRE and pre-workout and Alpha Lion pre-workout. 
Pre-workout of Choice: Animal Fury
Featured in The Lift Box: January 2021
Preferred Flavor: Blue Raspberry 

The Verdict: First off, the packaging alone is badass. I love this product because personally, I only need one scoop to get a good pump. The flavor is the best I have had out of any pre-workout I’ve had. It’s so good, I could drink it casually! =)

I never have an issue with how well it mixes. It’s always been perfectly mixed in with my water, and it gives me just enough of that prickly feeling, without it being so overwhelming I can’t focus on anything else.

It’s by far my fave, and it’s definitely my go to. It makes me feel good when I’m working out, and it actually does help me. I’ve hit some PRs after drinking it, whether it was me or the Animal or both, we will never know! I highly suggest people give them a chance at least once! You won’t regret it! 

To learn more or purchase, click here.

Josh Minikus

Waukee, Iowa

Age: 36

Months as a Lift Box Subscriber: 6

What do you love about The Lift Box: The opportunity to try different fitness-related products every month and supporting a military owned business!

Favorite type of product: pre-workout

Best thing you’ve ever gotten in The Lift Box: Hard to pick a favorite. The apparel and the pre-workouts are always great!

What have you bought because you were able to try it in The Lift Box: Muscle Sandwiches! Those things are amazing!
Pre-workout of Choice: Primeval Ape Sh*t Cutz
Featured in The Lift Box: Not yet
Preferred Flavor: Arnold Palmer

The Verdict: Ape Sh*t Cutz is a great product because it gives me more than enough energy to power through my workouts, tastes great with no bad after taste like a lot of other pre-workouts I’ve tried and has great thermogenesis to help you shed those extra pounds before summer!

To learn more, click here.

Emy Rothenberger
Delran, N.J.

Age: 34
Months as a Lift Box Subscriber: 2

What do you love about The Lift Box: I love the community and the quality of the products we get each month.

Favorite type of product: Supplements and protein
Best thing you’ve ever gotten in The Lift Box: The shaker bottle from February is amazing!
What have you bought because you were able to try it in The Lift Box: Muscle Sandwich protein bars.
Pre-workout of Choice: Beyond Raw Lit AF
Featured in The Lift Box: Not yet
Preferred Flavor(s): Icy Fireworks, Lemon Ice

The Verdict: Lit AF by Beyond Raw is one of the best pre-workouts I have ever tried. It gives you the most amazing pump without the jitters that come with a lot of other brands. I love the tingles from the beta alanine, and Lit AF has just the right amount, giving you all the fun tingles, without going overboard and feeling itchy.

The flavors are strong and delicious. Icy Fireworks taste like rocket ice pops, and the Lemon Ice is just like Country Time Lemonade.

The powder mixes really nicely and doesn't leave a gross glob at the bottom. There’s no chalky taste or grittiness – just smooth, tasty energy.

Lit AF has the right amount of caffeine for me and has a great longevity for the longer workouts. I have never had a drop while using this product, and it even lasts into those workouts that last more than an hour.

It’s not a pre-workout for beginners, but it’s absolutely amazing for those of us who need that little extra boost in our workouts. This pre-workout is a must have on those heavy-lifting days when you need a big kick.

To learn more, click here.

Ruskin, Fla.

Age: 43
Months as a Lift Box Subscriber: 14

What do you love about The Lift Box:I love the ability to try products that I otherwise would not go out on a limb and try. 

Favorite type of product: PRE-WORKOUTS!!! 
Best thing you’ve ever gotten in The Lift Box: Too many things to count! The shirts every month are always great, and the different snack items in each box are always a highlight. 
What have you bought because you were able to try it in The Lift Box: Alpha Lion and Axe and Sledge products. 
Pre-workout of Choice: Alpha Lion Burn
Featured in The Lift Box: December 2020
Preferred Flavor(s): Hulk Juice

The Verdict: The Super Human Burn is fantastic! From the moment that tartness hits your lips, you just want to chug it all down! The energy kick from it is just enough, with no jitters and no extra tingles – just a good, clean boost.

Then, the thermo kicks in, and you get that sweat rolling, which lets you know you’re working, and you want to work more.

It’s always a sad day when I get to the last scoop. I may or may not have run water in the tub and drank out of there to make sure I get it all...don’t judge! Alpha Lion continues to bring the heat, literally and figuratively with the Super Human Burn!

To learn more or purchase, click here.

Beyond just pre-workouts, The Lift Box also has allowed subscribers the chance to try many snacks, drinks, accessories and apparel, before committing to the cost of full-size products.

Everything that appears in the monthly box has been tested and vetted by the Lift Box staff for taste, quality, comfort and durability.

A monthly subscription to The Lift Box is $39.95. Each box includes a shirt and a variety of items to help make every workout a personal best.