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Long before Mark Zuckerberg gave us Facebook and The Lift Box gave us the Box Crew, many of us were a part of something special, without even realizing the magnitude or reach of that network, despite the catchy jingle that couldn't have made it any clearer.

We were among "10 million strong and growing." We were Flintstones kids.

Whether it was the song, fun shapes or chalky, yet flavorful and candy-like taste, we fell into line and were united in distant solidarity. We ate them without fear or question and went about the day, vitamin-fueled, and ready for whatever challenges came our way. We crushed it on the playground. We dominated recess.

Then, we suddenly were too cool for Fred and the gang, even though our often less-than-ideal diets of fruit snacks, Lunchables and sugary drinks left us lacking many of the vitamins and nutrients we needed to continue to own each day.

The transition to adulthood probably is much of the same, though many of us have replaced the Pop-Tarts and Lucky Charms with Starbucks, Dunkin' and Chick-fil-A.

Still, we're a society running on energy drinks and fast food, rather than proper rest and a well-planned diet, so popping a "Fred" or a "Wilma" every now and then probably wouldn't hurt, but we don't, because we're too worried about judgment and perception.

We COULD get all we need from a balanced diet, but that definitely takes strategy and time.

Honestly, even if our eating is a little lopsided sometimes, we probably still would be OK, but a little boost might be nice to ensure we're running at our best, as long as it's responsible and under the supervision of a doctor or professional.

Vitamins can be tricky, and knowing if we've gotten enough, is an imperfect process.

While water-soluble vitamins like B and C can be excreted once the body has enough, fat-soluble vitamins can be absorbed and stored.

Sometimes, the absorption rate may be less than ideal thanks to our digestive process or the uniqueness of our bodies, so a new tactic might be required. Sometimes, there's unexplained deficiencies that must be combatted with supplementation.

Enter Zooki. There couldn't be a more cutting-edge or adult way to make sure you get the vitamins you need to stay upright and maintain your busy lifestyle, and Lift Box subscribers in April were treated to two samples from the Zooki vitamin line.

Want to know more? No problem. But, put on your waders, as we're about to get knee deep in some science.

Zooki offers a growing variety of liposomal vitamins, designed to help deliver maximum amounts of the vitamins to your cells.

Simply enough, Zooki uses a special process to encapsulate the vitamins and shield them to minimize the amount lost during the digestion process if simply taken in as part of our diets or in pill form as supplements.

By wrapping the vitamins in liposomes, tiny spheres or bubbles that resemble cell membranes and protect the vitamins as they travel through the body, they can safely be delivered to your cells and not flushed down the toilet - literally.

Each Zooki product is made with natural ingredients and is free of gluten, soy, dairy, alcohol and sugar and is vegan-friendly. There's no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Flavors come from a variety of extracts, including strawberry, blueberry, citrus and vanilla, and the phospholipids used to form the liposomes come from non-GMO sunflower oil.

It's a healthy, simple, scientific, delicious and worry-free way to give your body a little extra, even on the go, thanks to compact individual servings.

The company was born in England and raised in California, first hitting shelves in late 2017.

Each packet of orange-flavored Vitamin C Zooki includes 1,000mg of liposomal vitamin C. It can be taken right from the package, added to drinks or smoothies or added to other foods for a flavorful boost.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps strengthen your immune system and your body's ability to heal, aids in the fight against heart disease, helps in the absorption or iron, enhances brain function, protects against chronic illness and more.

The Vitamin D Zooki is a delicious dose of vitamin D3 (3,000 IU) and K2 (1,000 mcg), and they work together to help keep your bones healthy and strong.

Vitamin D3 alone is great for the bones and muscles, helps immunity, boosts your mood, aids in weight loss and helps keep your heart strong.

It can be obtained simply by getting enough sunlight each day, though there also may be risks associated with that. Diet-wise, it can be found in foods such as fish, eggs, milk and cheese. For those who may be vegetarian, almond, soy, oat or portabella mushrooms would be a good source.

Vitamin K2 is the perfect sidekick for D3, as it is important to the bones, heart and general body function, and the battle against osteoporosis as we get older.

It can be found prominently in leafy green vegetables and a variety of other items, including kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, edamame, pumpkin and blueberries.

To purchase more Zooki products after trying them in the latest edition of The Lift Box, visit yourzooki.com or gnc.com. You can order a box of 14 for just under $30.

Remember though, even when it comes to vitamins, too much of anything sometimes can lead to negative results, or worse, so be aware of labels and recommendations before adding any kind of supplements to your diet and routine. Always check with a doctor for guidance or to answer questions you may have.

One thing he or she DEFINITELY would prescribe, however, is a subscription to The Lift Box for optimum health and nutritional satisfaction!

Along with getting to try things like Zooki, the monthly Lift Box also includes delicious snacks, supplements, drinks, accessories and apparel, all for you to try before committing to the cost of full-size products.

Everything that appears in box has been tested and vetted by the Lift Box staff for taste, quality, comfort and durability.

A monthly subscription to The Lift Box is $39.95. Each box includes a shirt and a variety of items to help make every workout a personal best.