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these puffs are as good as a bag of your 

favorite fast-food burgers

If you keep a supply of SnackHouse Puffs in your pantry, there’s no need to put on pants just to go the store or sit in the drive-thru line, especially if your hometown is being hit by a weather apocalypse like mine is right now.

Read more about these delicious treats now, and maybe you can help us decide once and for all what’s better – savory or sweet.

Below, is this regular guy’s review of one of the savory options, Cheeseburger.

Keep an eye on for thoughts on the Fruity Puffs Keto Cereal and Chocolate Puffs.

The idea is simple. I like to be healthy and responsible, but it needs to be a responsible choice for my wallet, too. Then, does the first whiff match the description? Is it crunchy and satisfying, and does it make me want to grab another handful? Does the taste make me smile and want more? Is it easy to get online or at my local store, or is it hard?

Check out the details, then let us know your thoughts!

cheeseburger puffs

The Lift Box Basics

(measured on a scale of 1-10 Lift Boxes):
$14.99 (for a seven-serving bag)
Value: 7.5/10 Lift Boxes
Smell: 8/10 Lift Boxes
Crunchability: 10/10 Lift Boxes
Taste: 9.3/10 Lift Boxes
Availability: 7.8/10 Lift Boxes
Would I buy again: 10/10 Lift Boxes
Where to buy: HERE

The Heavy Lifting (full review):

I love burgers. Small ones, thick ones, tall ones, round ones, square ones, smashed ones, cheesy ones, singles, doubles, triples … even the occasional food challenge for wall-of-fame glory and an epic T-shirt.

Two of the top burgers in my world are among the simplest and most convenient. They’re also timeless and iconic and consistent from location to location –McDonald’s and White Castle. (I don’t discriminate, though. I’ll eat your fancy burger, too).

I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I first opened my Lift Box in January and saw the Cheeseburger Puffs.

How many times have we been promised a snacktime experience that’s as good as the actual food it’s supposed to taste like?

In most cases, if I want the tantalizing taste of a loaded baked potato or prime rib with horseradish, I’ll just get those things and spare myself the disappointment.

This time, though, the nutrition panel alone made me really want to like them.

If SnackHouse could deliver an authentic cheeseburger flavor without the grease, calories, fat and carbs, it could fill a huge void in my life and offer me a responsible return to my gluttonous past.

I let the first couple of puffs settle onto my tongue. At first, there was nothing. Then, all of a sudden, I was two bites into a warm McDonald’s cheeseburger on a cold, rainy evening.

On the next handful, I felt like I was eating right from one of those tiny cardboard White Castle boxes and savoring the slow-hitting oniony flavor.

Since it only was a single-serving sample from The Lift Box, the experience ended far too quickly.

Luckily, someone posted in The Lift Box Facebook group about an online SnackHouse sale, so I now have three full-size bags (OK, only two – one didn’t last through the first day at my house) of SnackHouse Cheeseburger Puffs for the next time that burger craving hits, but I want to stay the course on my weight-loss journey.

Normally, the big bags are about $15, so it’s less than $2.50 per serving. On sale, it was almost half that, so I could order twice as much!

For a complete list of ingredients, or to purchase other flavors of SnackHouse Puffs, visit

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“These were mysteriously delicious.”
- Bill C.

“The cheeseburger one was great. Tasted just like a cheeseburger.”
- Gene F.

"Cheeseburger      flavor was GOOD!!!"
- Brenda S.