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Let Vigilant help you get a grip on your next workout

Vigilant helps you stay diligent in the gym with new Liquid Chalk

When you head to the gym for a workout, it usually is because you want to look good and feel good.

Regardless of your experience level, two things generally are pretty consistent and common for any gym visit - a lot of sweating and/or the lifting of heavy things.

Safety always should be a top concern, from proper warmup and technique to even hydration, especially when complicated machines, maneuvers or weights are involved.

The last thing you want to worry about when going for a personal best on the bench press or stepping in for a record deadlift is losing your grip due to sweaty hands or suffering a painful skin tear or injury. It certainly could be embarrassing, but it also could be incredibly dangerous.

That's where Vigilant's Liquid Chalk comes in. It provides all the benefits of a timeless gym staple, but without the mess you would expect from a bag or bowl of chalk. And, it smells good, too.

These all are things Lift Box subscribers got to experience in January, as Vigilant Liquid Chalk made its debut in The Lift Box.

Traditional gym chalk is familiar and important in exercise facilities, from weight rooms to gymnastics floors - even on basketball courts, as made famous by NBA stars Michael Jordan and Lebron James as part of their pre-game rituals.

It can be helpful in keeping your hands dry and improving your grip, but it also can serve as a protective barrier between your hands and the object you're gripping. It allows objects to smoothly glide, when necessary, eliminating friction that could cause blisters, tears or other injuries. Examples of the latter could be kettlebell exercises or even throwing a baseball.

Despite its versatility and benefits, chalk in the gym also can be hazardous. It can create slippery messes on the floor, clouds of unbreathable air and hard-to-clean handprints or messes on machines, bars or clothing.

Again, enter Vigilant Liquid Chalk, a convenient, portable, personal, mess-minimizing, pleasant-smelling alternative for your next workout or lifting session, especially if actual chalk is prohibited or something you tried but didn't love.

Just like its powdery predecessor, Vigilant Liquid Chalk is made from magnesium carbonate, but it also has an exclusive formulation of bonding agents, all combining to make it last longer and provide a better grip, with an effortless cleanup.

A 2-ounce bottle of this scented sport formula is available through vigilantcbd.com for just $9.99. Please note, Liquid Chalk does NOT contain CBD.

Liquid Chalk is just one of nearly two dozen products offered by Vigilant CBD to help enhance performance, recovery or overall quality of life.

Vigilant's Sport Collection is available for performance and recovery, while the Lifestyle Collection is there to help with mood, sleep and general well-being.

Much of the company's background, research and products are centered around CBD, or cannabidiol, however, which has skyrocketed in popularity and can be used as a remedy for common ailments, from stress to inflammation to insomnia.

Sometimes, there are challenges or aches and pains associated with progress in the gym, and we look for ways to make the process easier and more comfortable. Vigilant is ready with a helpful hemp-based arsenal of extracts, oils, creams, ointments and more.

Vigilant is just one of countless companies that have been included in The Lift Box since its inception in 2017, with the ultimate goal being to give subscribers the chance to try a variety of products, supplements and accessories, before spending money on expensive full-sized products.

A monthly subscription to The Lift Box is $39.95. Each box includes a shirt and a variety of items to help make every workout a personal best.