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Wicked Cutz spices up The Lift Box in February 2021
with Italian Parmesan 

Let's be honest - if former professional bodybuilder Branch Warren suggests you do something, you're probably not going to say no.

But, even if you're not intimidated by his 240+ pounds of solid muscle, you simply might be swayed by the taste and quality of his Wicked Cutz products, which have been featured multiple times in The Lift Box.

The growing Wicked Cutz product line is just one of many post-bodybuilding business ventures for the 46-year-old Texan with more than three decades of experience in the fitness and nutrition space.

Warren may not compete professionally anymore, but he still trains regularly and understands the things top athletes want and need to stay at the top of their games. At the same time, the Wicked Cutz products aren't intended just for gymgoers. The company simply wants to provide tasty and healthy treats for anyone who likes to snack.

Beginning with the original jerky line that launched in 2018, Warren and Wicked Cutz focused on a tried-and-true family recipe for moist and tender jerky. Then, they focused on flavor development and options that would meet everyone's tastes. They now offer more than a dozen sweet and spicy varieties.

The products are limited in sodium, sugar and carbs and offer a clean protein source for the workout world and fitness-minded customers, but they also serve as a simple and convenient snack for even the pickiest road tripper.

The latest offering from Wicked Cutz is a flavorful line of seasonings, and the newest variety - Italian Parmesan - debuted in the February 2021 edition of The Lift Box, days before being added to the Wicked Cutz website.

All Lift Box subscribers were treated to a full-size (6.25-ounce) container of the new addition, and much like the Wicked Cutz products they've enjoyed in the past, the ingredients are clean and simple. Each sprinkle offers an explosion of flavor, without the calories, fat or carbs.

The Italian Parmesan label includes just 10 ingredients that work together to bring an authentic taste of Italy to any dish, and the new flavor rounds out a delicious five-flavor arsenal that is perfect for any spice rack. The list of flavors includes Texas Ranch, American Heat, Veggie Blend and Sweet BBQ.

All five flavors now are available at in orders of one, two or four containers. A single bottle is $7.99, the two-pack is $14.38 and a four-pack is $27.16. Wicked Cutz also offers a five-flavor sample pack for $30.99.

Additional recent appearances for Wicked Cutz in The Lift Box came in August 2020 and March 2020.

The August box included a Wicked Cutz Beef Stick (Original Peppered), one of four flavors now available. The beef sticks were introduced by Wicked Cutz in early 2019.

The March edition was a special collaboration that included a sample of Wicked Cutz jerky (Traditional) in a custom camouflage bag.

All proceeds from the camo bag went to support Sons of the Flag, a military organization committed to supporting military and first responder burn survivors by providing funding for innovative research. 

Warren and the Wicked Cutz operation are based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, not far from the small Texas town where Warren grew up. The Warren family legacy includes cattle ranching, so the eventual creation of Wicked Cutz makes complete sense.

During high school, Warren and his family moved to the DFW area, and that’s when he really began to excel athletically, continuing his time on the football field, while also being introduced to competitive bodybuilding.

With help and support from some of the area’s top competitors and coaches, Warren went on to enjoy a success professional career with top finishes at some of the sport’s most significant events, including multiple wins at the Arnold Classic and a handful of top-10 finishes on the Mr. Olympia stage.

He later brought the same work ethic, determination and industry knowledge to his business ventures, including the introduction of the Black Skull supplement line, his own clothing line and a continued presence and support role at bodybuilding and fitness expos and events of all kinds.

While many of the endeavors are geared toward the smaller sports nutrition and fitness markets, Warren and Wicked Cutz co-founder Scott James were looking at the mainstream market with their move into the jerky and snack world.

James is a longtime titan in the sports nutrition and competition sectors and has been linked to some of the industry’s most noteworthy companies, including BSN (Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc.) and Sinister Labs, among others.

SINFIT Nutrition, which fell under the Sinister umbrella, offers a variety of “functional foods,” and was the start of James’ relationship with The Lift Box.

Since its own introduction in 2017, The Lift Box has allowed subscribers to try dozens of supplements, snacks, drinks, accessories and apparel, before committing to the cost of full-sized products.

Everything that appears in the monthly box has been tested and vetted by the Lift Box staff for taste, quality, comfort and durability.

A monthly subscription to The Lift Box is $39.95. Each box includes a shirt and a variety of items to help make every workout a personal best.