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December 2018 Box

With all of our boxes we want you to know exactly how much value you're getting from your $34 per month subscription. We strive to pack as much product and value as possible into every single box and are happy to show you!

Box Breakdown:

S.M.A.R.T. Labs NeuMind Nootropic 30 Servings [$24.99]

MET-Rx Whey Protein Snack Cup [$2.29]

RSP Nutrition Soft Baked Protein Brownie [$2.08]

Quest Rocky Road Protein Bar [$2.08]

3D Energy Drink 16 oz. [$2.50]

Lift Box Kettlebell Holiday Tee [$25]

Unique Custom Lift Box Design [$3]

Shipping Cost [$8 on average]

Total Box Value: $69.94 

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