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February 2020 Box


The February Lift Box featured a wide variety of products, samples, and trial sizes. From energy packed tea (Zest Tea) to patches filled with nutrients (Stamina Pro) and everything in between. We want you to know exactly what you're spending your hard earned money on. Below is the price breakdown of each item from the February Lift Box. Total value includes $3 custom Lift Box and $9 shipping. (Full sized supplements not included in The Lift Box. Sample and trial sizes only.)

Few Will Hunt Premium t-Shirt 


We partnered with legendary brand Few Will Hunt for our apparel in the February Lift Box! Few Will Hunt was founded with one mission: to restore the dignity of hard work. Wherever you put in work — in the field, woods, gym, or office — they've got your back with first-class apparel and tactical content.

My Protein


Premium whey packed with 18g of protein per serving, for the protein you need from a quality source — the same cows that produce your milk and cheese. It’s simply filtered and spray-dried to produce all-natural nutritionals.



CELSIUS’ first line extension is sweetened with stevia and is naturally caffeinated. Available in all new sparkling and non-carbonated flavors. CELSIUS contains the same proprietary MetaPlus® formula and is clinically proven with moderate exercise to accelerate metabolism, burn body fat and provide healthy energy,

Zest tea


More caffeine than coffee. No jitters. No crash.The caffeine and L-Theanine (a rare amino acid) in Zest Tea have a synergistic relationship. They create a prolonged, steady alertness - without the jitters and crash typically associated with caffeinated beverages.

lmnt recharge


Popular electrolyte drinks on the market have low amounts of electrolytes and miss the mark on the “optimal ratio”. LMNT Recharge gives you more electrolytes in the ideal ratio.1000 mg SODIUM, 200 mg POTASSIUM, 60 mg MAGNESIUM.



InnovaPharm is a company founded on a few simple principles: bringing highly effective products to market featuring innovative ingredients and ground-breaking extracts, and, providing customers with products that consistently help them reach their goals.

Ultimate Sports Nutrition


For over 20 years, USN has been committed to supporting all fitness-lifestyles through their relentless innovation, research & development team. USNproducts deliver full label transparency and powerful doses of clinically-researched, patented, and licensed ingredients.

outright bar


The Outright Bar is a complete protein snack that packs 14-17 grams of protein per bar! This whole food bar is perfect for any time throughout the day when you need to stop cravings, get an extra boost of protein, or just want a delicious snack.

stamina pro patch


STAMINAPRO patches are a quantum leap forward in pain relief and recovery technology.Wearing the STAMINAPRO patches before, during, and after activity provides your body with the energetic information needed to keep pain and inflammation down, so you can have less downtime, faster recovery, and better performance. STAMINAPRO patches are 100% safe for use at any competitive level.

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