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June 2021 Box


The June Lift Box featured a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer and an array of products from Jocko and Shrewd Food. 

The entire box was inspired by Meyer and included great stuff from his fitness company - Own The Dash - along with selections from Jocko, which produces Meyer's signature drink.

Among the June offerings were a 12-ounce can of his Dak Savage energy drink, three samples of Jocko's protein (Molk), three sample of Jocko White Tea, two servings of Jocko Discipline GO capsules, Jocko Fuel shaker, On The Dash T-shirt and access to the On The Dash app.

Since unpacking all of that probably would make you hungry, we included two flavors of protein puffs from Shrewd Food.

We want you to know exactly what you're spending your hard earned money on. Below is the price breakdown of each item from this month's Lift Box. Total value includes $3 custom Lift Box and $10 shipping. Pricing is pulled from each brand's website. We DO NOT inflate the prices of products. Full-size supplements not included in The Lift Box. Sample and trial sizes only.

Own The Dash


"There are two dates on your tombstone: Birthdate - Death Date. What really matters is the dash in between." - Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor Recipient.

own the dash fitness app


In 2020, we asked our subscribers if they would like to receive workouts each month as part of your monthly Lift Box and the answer was overwhelmingly yes!

This month's partnership with Meyer and Own The Dash offers access to his great app and online community.

Dak savage energy drnk

Dakota's Meyer is proud to partner with Jocko Willink and Origin Labs on his signature all-natural sugar free energy drink "Dak Savage!"

- Pre-Mission Energy & Focus

- Physical + Cognitive Force Multiplier

- All-Natural

- Sugar-Free/KETO

- No Artificial Colors, Sweeteners or Flavors

- No Preservatives

Jocko Mölk protein


With a time-release blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate, micellar casein, and egg, our whey protein powder fuels growth and muscle recovery all day long. Molk also contains a complex of digestive enzymes and probiotics to keep your guts in check.

Sweetened with all natural, zero-calorie monk fruit, Molk contains just 2 net carbs and zero added sugar. This makes it a perfect keto-friendly meal replacement.

Jocko discipline go & white tea


Some things in life are undeniable, and anyone looking to work harder, push further and do more needs Discipline in their life. For those looking to push past their comfort zone and thrive in the grind, there's Discipline GO. Staying focused, increasing cognitive stamina and pushing through the fog is not an easy path. Living in a world that is vying for your attention, and in an age where you're bombarded with information, your greatest asset is your MIND.

Discipline Equals Freedom. Jocko White tea is GOOD hot or cold. It's refreshing white tea with pomegranate and naturally contains caffeine and antioxidants.

Jocko fuel shaker


Now that you've got all these great samples, you need a way to mix 'em up!

This 24-ounce shaker is durable and will get the job done anywhere. 

Plus, it will be a great conversation starter at the gym!

Shrewd Food Protein puffs


These crunchy and satisfying protein puffs come in seven awesome flavors: Brick Oven Pizza, Baked Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, Sriracha Cheddar, Strawberries & Cream, and Cookies & Cream!

Shrewd Food
came through in May and again in June!

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