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March 2021 Box


TheMarch Lift Boxfeatured 15 products to keep you motivated all month long! Featuring 10 individual serving samples fromSteelFit,WarFighter Athletic Apparel, and so much more! Each month features an exclusive 4 week workout program!

We want you to know exactly what you're spending your hard earned money on. Below is the price breakdown of each item from the February Lift Box. Total value includes $3 custom Lift Box and $10 shipping. Pricing is pulled from each brands website. We DO NOT inflate the prices of products. (Full sized supplements not included in The Lift Box. Sample and trial sizes only.)

Warfighter Athletic Apparel 


The pursuit of excellence isn't a mere moment in time, it is a lifelong journey. It is not a destination that we reach, it is a collection of experiences that we can draw upon in order to rise to the occasion. The pursuit is that inner voice asking to be heard, it is that feeling of yearning for adventure and challenge. We only get one life, so why not live it? Pursue Excellence, be who you know you can be.

Active for life 


In 2020, we asked our subscribers if they would like to receive workouts each month as part of your monthly Lift Box and the answer was overwhelmingly yes! We searched for several months to find a company we felt would be well rounded and offer more than just programmed workouts. Active Life was that company!

This is a 4 week FULL Body program! Complete with videos and explantations of each lift! These programs are emailed to our monthly subscribers a few days after the boxes ship out.

Muscle Monster


Monster athletes do not win by accident; it takes years of hard work and determination to be a champion. Need a little motivation to meet your personal goals? Meet your new "coach in a bottle," Muscle Monster Energy Shake.

Specially formulated with their Monster Energy® Blend to help motivate you to train harder and longer, Muscle Monster also provides the fuel you need to power through your workouts.

Mikes recovery


Mike's most popular blend, RESTORE is the ideal post-workout mineral soak for athletes who push to their limits. A reset button for your body and mind after massive physical and mental exertion.

An intense blend of 7 restorative oils combined with remineralizing Atlantic sea salt and medium chain triglycerides. Features a relieving blend of sweet marjoram, fir needle, black pepper, rosemary, ginger, lavender, and sandalwood essential oils.



At SteelFit®, they create the highest quality, most effective, best-tasting products on the market. Their products are formulated for optimum results both onstage and off and are designed for all health and wellness enthusiasts, from fitness competitors to weekend warriors and everyone in-between.

Physician formulated with clinical doses of the most cutting-edge, research-validated, patented ingredients their in-house quality control team closely analyzes all their products along with their board-certified physician and his team at VRP Sciences for safety, quality, and efficacy.

Steelfit: steel whey


Steel Whey® 100% Pure Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC80) provides a convenient, delicious whey to add additional muscle-building protein into your daily diet.

Steel Whey’s high biological value and amino acid profile boosts protein synthesis, supports lean muscle growth, accelerates metabolism, and enhances recovery.

Berg: Mighty Bite


TheMighty Bite delivers long term energy with complex carbohydrates from heart healthy oats, essential fatty acids from nuts, chia seeds and coconut oil, and prebiotic fiber for gut health. With only 1 gram of sugar and 12 grams net carbs, it satisfies your sweet tooth without a big blood glucose spike. Just grab and go, it’s the right choice every time.”

Berg: Bites


For satisfying your sweet tooth and for a handy, nutrient-dense snack,Berg Bites deliver long lasting energy with complex carbohydrates from heart healthy oats, essential fatty acids from nuts, chia seeds and coconut oil, and prebiotic fiber for gut health. Just grab and go, it’s the right choice every time.

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