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October 2019 Box


Our October Lift Box featured a wide variety of products from protein crisps to coffee with everything in between. We want you to know exactly what you're spending your hard earned money on. Below is the price breakdown of each item from the October Lift Box.

Exclusive Lift Box Premium Shirt 


October's Lift Box featured the Breast Cancer Awareness Shirt. Made of ultra soft and breathable material, this shirt is perfect for the gym and everyday wear. 



Cookies & Cream Protein Crisps are an amazing version of your old time favorite after school, milk-dunking snack with so much more than you ever could have imagined! With 13g of protein, 3g carbs and 90 calories, you can have all of the flavor and still make this your healthy snack option!



Smooth, rich, and never bitter: Fit Bru Black Coffee cold brew base is dosed with raw activated charcoal from coconut to support natural detoxification and infused with nitrogen just before running it through their seamer to seal the can.



DUDE Wipes Singles are perfect for travel and TSA approved, butt, you should never really leave home without them. Use them on your face, pits, and other dude regions too.

Black Magic supply: BZRK 


BZRK™ supreme pre-workout will have you feeling psychoactive waves the moment you land in the gym. Each handcrafted scoop of BZRK™ contains potent ingredients that will give you the power to blast through any workout!

Black Magic supply: Magic Eraser 


The worlds first thermogenic that will improve body composition while providing feel good energy and focus. Shredding never felt this good!Set your cardio sessions on fire and burn through the time with ease.

Black Magic supply: Brain waves 


Brain Waves is handcrafted with the most powerful nootropic ingredients that will posses your body and mind.Put a hex on your daily task with Brain Waves no crash / anti-brain fog / energy formula.

Black Magic supply: Keyz 


Keyz handcrafted EAAs will help replenish, hydrate, and recover from the most fearsome workouts. Enhance your stamina with pure antioxidants, coconut water, and electrolytes.Feel supernatural recovery with Keyz EAA/BCAA matrix blend.

Black Magic supply: wand


Looking to enhance your performance with your significant other? Then let Black Magic Supply add a little magic to your stick with Wand libido matrix! Handcrafted and formulated to enhance your libido and stamina without the blurred vision and headaches!Wand is 100 percent natural but don't let that fool you. This product is the strongest and safest formula on the market!



Chemix pre-workout is an ultra-premium, high stimulant preworkout product designed to improve endurance, focus, mental clarity, and supply great cell hydration for insane pumps.The advanced formula combines research-backed ingredients at clinical and efficacious doses with potent nootropics and stimulants to give you the perfect workout.

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