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Dreamfully: Say Goodnight To Counting Sheep

Dreamfully: The All Natural Sleep Aid

Are you actually asleep?   Dreamfully, is an all natural, non-habit forming sleep aid that promotes a night of peaceful relaxation and restful sleep.

If you’re like me, you’re tired, ready to head to bed, but once your head hits the pillow, your mind won’t shut off. I lay there thinking about everything from the previous day and what I have coming up the next. This never-ending cycle, in itself is exhausting, never mind not sleeping well. Luckily, I stumbled upon Dreamfully, the all natural, non-habit forming sleep aid that promotes a night of peaceful relaxation.

Dreamfully contains 8 primary ingredients. The main question: What are these ingredients and are they dosed correctly to give you the best night sleep possible? I am not an expert in the matter, but after spending several hours reading studies, clinical trials, and various opinion pieces; rest assured Dreamfully didn’t miss a single milligram.

Magnesium is one of the most common minerals found on the planet and has been shown to reduce inflammation; but why have it in a sleep aid? Simple, it helps calm your mind and relax your body. Two critical aspects to start the process of a deep and restful sleep.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard of melatonin, but did you know your body creates it naturally and it is at its highest levels at night? Dreamfully, has 5mg of melatonin to boost your natural levels, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Keep in mind, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and even poor vision can lower your natural melatonin levels.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the 6 remaining ingredients:

L-Theamine- an amino acid commonly found in tea leaves which promotes relaxation without drowsiness.

Valerian Extract- is a perennial plant and has been known to help treat insomnia and anxiety.

Chamomile Extract- is used to calm your body and deepen your nights sleep.

Passion Flower Extract- helps induce sleep, calm your body, and can even be used for muscle spasm relief.

Lemon Balm- is a well known herbal ingredient with the ability to promote better sleep.

Alright, enough of the science and lets get into my experience with Dreamfully. I’ll break it down by each night.

Night 1: I took two capsules approximately 45 minutes prior to bed. After 30 minutes, I did feel my body and mind begin to relax. Once I laid down my mind wasn’t racing like it normally does. It was only a matter of minutes before I was asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling well rested, not feeling like my normal tired self for my gym workout. I slept for approximately 8 hours that night.

Night 2: Again, I took two capsules approximately 45 minutes prior to bed. I experienced the same feelings of relaxation as the night before. I woke up the next morning feeling a little more tired and not as refreshed as the day before. I stayed up late the night before and only slept approximately 6 hours. Another contributing factor was that I had caffeine late in the day due to an afternoon workout. As mentioned before caffeine can inhibit your body’s natural melatonin production. Between the caffeine and the two hours less of sleep, I’m going to say that was probably why I did not have the same results as Night 1 taking Dreamfully.

Night 3: This day, I made sure not to take my pre-workout later in the day and to plan for a full 8 hours of sleep. I had the same routine as the previous two nights prior to going to sleep. The next morning wouldn’t you know, I woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed. Dreamfully, had worked its magic yet again.

Opinion time! For those looking for an all natural sleep aid, I would HIGHLY recommend Dreamfully. It does exactly as WB Naturals claims on the bottle. It is dosed effectively and has a fully disclosed label; two points that always put a company’s product in high regards for me. It’s important to remember that everyone’s body reacts differently with supplements. If you’ve been prescribed a sleep aid before, Dreamfully may not be as effective for you. Dreamfully is a natural sleep aid that will help the average person needing help falling asleep and relaxing. Another key point, WB Naturals is so confident in Dreamfully they have a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. You won’t find many companies that will offer a 100% money back guarantee in the supplement industry.

Thank you to Jeff from WB Naturals for allowing me to conduct a review on Dreamfully!

Note: I was not paid to review Dreamfully. This is my unbiased opinion, based on my independent research. Always consult a physician prior to taking any nutritional supplements.