Iron Brothers Supplements: Pre-Workout V2

Iron Brothers Supplements has created a pre-workout that will go head to head and destroy many of the national brand supplements. With a fully disclosed label containing the perfect dosages, Iron Brothers is here to stay. 

They recently reformulated, removing the DMHA but added the highly effective and trademarked ingredient Dynamine™. Dynamine™combined with AstraGin™ is the perfect combination for energy, focus, and mood enhancement. Combined with the increased absorption and nutrient delivery provided by AstraGin™ they've created the perfect storm of pre-workouts. 

In my experience, it's hard to mask high quality ingredients. Iron Brothers knocked it out of the park with their Blackberry Lemonade flavor. It's a very smooth taste without the bitterness of lemonade. After taste comes the complexity of ensuring all those ingredients mix well. Several high quality pre-workouts miss the mark and have a gritty taste. Iron Brothers mixes extremely well creating a smoothness all the way down. 

I took one scoop the morning of my heavy shoulders routine. Not only did I feel hyper focused but energy levels sustained throughout the almost two hour workout. It was a smooth, consistent energy that didn't leave me feeling jittery. 

I've talked with Iron Brothers on several occasions over the last year and can attest they share very similar values with us. They REFUSE to compromise quality for profit and are deeply passionate about creating innovative and high quality supplements for their customers.

Iron Brothers Supplements has earned The Lift Box Stamp of Approval 

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