Why i created the lift box

October 11, 2017

A majority of my life I have been a runner with a runner’s body; envying a more muscular physique, I never imagined I would have. Thanks to sports supplements I was able to gain over 30 pounds of muscle in less than a year and engage in more intense workouts with more stamina. However, I still became increasingly frustrated at one big problem… supplement shopping.

Walking into supplement stores and browsing online shops for products can be instantly overwhelming. More times than I would like to admit, I planned to buy only what I needed, but left the supplement store with my hands full and wallet empty. This was due to sales personnel selling what they can to gain commission, flashy packaging, or incompressible ingredient labels that you need a doctorate in chemical engineering to understand. From my positive experience with supplements and problem with finding the right ones for me, I decided to create a solution. I wanted others with the same issue to be able to sample costly supplements before spending their hard earned money. Therefore, I created a monthly subscription box, searching high and low for innovators in the fitness industry.

The Lift Box not only offers supplement samples, but has included everything from cold brew coffee, apparel, protein cake mix, protein spice blends, and more. My goal is to create an above average quality subscription box that keeps customers interested and excited by the products in it, create a network connecting customers to different fitness & supplement companies, and create a community where customers not only feel comfortable asking myself and Lift Box employees questions, but also communicating with one another. As a company, it is our number one priority to make sure each one of our subscribers is taken care of. Without you, we do not exist. We truly love connecting with all of you through email, social media, and our events. Thank you all for your continued support!

Adam, CEO and Founder
Lift Together, Together Lifted

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